Band Skimmer for Tramp oil removal


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Leaking machine oils can cause development of bacteria, dirty tramp oil on machines and components leads to oil misting and reduces cooling performance of the emulsion/coolant. The consequences are: increased disposal costs, corrosion, bacterial contamination, bad odors, poor cooling, skin irritation etc etcThe ARIANA-Bandskimmer provides the solution to remove the tramp oil from the surface of the emulsion. By using a self-cleaning, oil-attracting special belt, the tramp oil is removed from the surface and in the deviceskimmed off and diverted to an outlet pipe. It requires no filters or microporous membranes. This reduces the operating and running costs. The band skimmer has an oil separator and ensures elimination of foreign oil by up to 90%. The band skimmer is mounted above the coolant tank by means of a magnetic disk, preferably on the opposite side of the liquid inlet. The base plate of the drive unit must be about 300 mm above the highest liquid level to be appropriate. The outlet nozzle sends the tramp/waste oil to a container. The band skimmer can be used both in continuous operation or controlled by a timer. It is advisable to use the device during operation of the machine tool. The belt moves through the floating tramp oil film and separates it from the coolant. In the device, the oil is stripped off and flows into a collecting container outside the machine.

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