Castrol Magna SW68 20L (replaces Magna BD68)


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Castrol Magna SW68 20L

Recommended for horizontal slideways on machine tools A slideway oil with a high degree of lubricity and good load carrying properties Excellent anti-wear characteristics.Castrol Magna SW68 20L – Castrol Magna slideway oils are a range of lubricants based upon highly refined mineral oils, which incorporate tackiness and lubricity additives to give smooth slideway movements on machine tools under heavy loadsCastrol Magna SW68 20L – Castrol are worldwide producers and marketers of synthetic and conventional motor oil and lubricants. Castrol products are tested and proved at the very limits of endurance. With more than one hundred years of experience in satisfying customers’ needs, Castrol are committed to providing the most technically advanced lubricants and services.Castrol Magna SW68 20L – Its more than just oil, its liquid engineering.

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