Houghton Hocut 3380




Houghton Hocut 3380 – High lubricity chlorine-free long-life soluble oil

Hocut 3380 is based upon latest global Houghton technology. The low foaming milky emulsion uses chlorine-free high performance lubricity agents to give superior surface finish and tooling performance. Hocut 3380 is also formulated with an outstanding package which ensures ultra long sump-life without the need for biocide additions.


The high performance characteristics of Hocut 3380 is ideal for machining automotive aluminium, titanium, inconel, and alloy steels. Hocut 3380 is specifically designed for highpressure coolant systems associated with modern CNC machine tools while ultra long-life and freedom from biocide additions make the product suitable for both centralised systems and single-sump machines.
Nb. For more sensitive aerospace aluminium alloys, sister product Hocut 795B is available based on the same long life chemistry.

Recommendations for use: Medium duty machining 4% – 6%, Heavy duty machining 5% – 10%, Heavy duty grinding 5% – 10%


  • High lubricity milky emulsion
  • Chlorine-free
  • Very low foaming
  • No sticky residues
  • Excellent hard water corrosion protection
  • Very safe to use
  • Rolls Royce CSS131 approved
  • Free from animal fats and derivatives

Additional information

Weight 20.00000000 kg

20 Litre, 205 Litre

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