Mobilgrease XHP322 MINE (Available in 12x400g, 18kg, & 180kg)




Mobil Grease XHP 322 MINE

Premium lithium complex grease with molybdenum disulphide

Application Mobil Grease XHP 322 MINE

Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine, 320 Mine, 321 Mine and 322 Mine are recommended for heavy-duty off-road and mining applications in terms of working conditions and water jetting. Typical applications are:  Bucket torque pins, swivel pins and heavy duty chassis components. Central lubrication systems in heavy equipment. General Chassis Lubrication

Performance, Features & Benefits of Mobil Grease XHP 322 MINE are:

  • Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine, 320 Mine, 321 Mine and 322 Mine greases are leaders in the Mobilgrease product line which has established a worldwide reputation for innovation and outstanding performance. The Mobilgrease XHP Mine range has been developed by ExxonMobil formulation experts and is supported by our global technical specialists. Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine, 320 Mine, 321 Mine, and 322 Mine are designed primarily to meet the needs of off-road vehicles and mine installations that require exceptional EP/antiwear performance and remain in place even in difficult conditions such as water jets, severe sliding conditions, and high temperatures.

Product Description Mobil Grease XHP 322 MINE

The Mobilgrease XHP™ Mine Series is designed primarily for the lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-road vehicles and mining equipment. This series of lithium complex greases contains 5% molybdenum disulphide, is available in the entire range of NLGI grades and can be used in all operating conditions and temperatures to increase productivity. The Mobilgrease XHP Mine Series has excellent “extreme-pressure” and anti-wear properties, long service life, resistance to water washout and extended service in difficult operating conditions. These extra heavy-duty service greases show excellent structural stability. These greases do not attack bearing alloys containing steel or copper and are compatible with conventional sealing materials. Mobilgrease XHP 320 Mine, 321 Mine and 322 Mine have been developed primarily for the superior performance of these greases in bucket torque pins, pivot pins and heavy-duty chassis components. Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine and 320 Mine are particularly suitable for central lubrication systems in heavy equipment requiring an NLGI 0 class grease. Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine and 320 Mine are recommended by ExxonMobil for use in central lubrication systems in off-road vehicles and mine installations. Mobilgrease XHP 100 Mine can be well applied down to -50°C (-58°F). Mobilgrease XHP 321 Mine is an NLGI 1 grade with excellent low temperature pumpability and is designed for use in colder temperatures. Mobilgrease XHP 322 Mine is an NLGI 2 grade for use as a general purpose chassis lubricant.

Additional information

Weight 4.80000000 kg

12 x 400g cartridges, 18 kg, 180 kg, 50 kg