Mobilmet XLM 543 208L


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Mobilmet XLM 543 208L – is a new generation of neat cutting fluid. Tit is a low viscosity, high performance, and extreme pressure neat oil, designed for moderate and heavy duty cutting and grinding operations. Mobilmet XLM 543 is formulated using high quality base oils and select additives to facilitate effective machining performance in a wide variety of operations. It controls built-up-edge and protects the tool tip from wear providing long tool life and reduced re-grinding requirements.Mobilmet XLM 543 208L – oils are based on low viscosity, unconventional base oils that are inherently low misting and fuming. The low viscosity also allows better drainage of parts and swarf to make degreasing easier and conserve fluid. They do not contain any added chlorine or zinc allowing lower disposal costs.Mobilmet XLM 543 208L Series fluids help reduce tool wear and improve tool life and part finish. Their excellent extreme pressure capabilities reduce the maintenance for regrinds and reduce parts rejects.

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