Petro-Canada Purity FG Synthetic 46

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Petro-Canada Purity FG Synthetic 46 – Petro-Canada’s PURITYTM FG Synthetic Grease is an advanced food grade grease specially formulated for the toughest food processing applications. Its advanced chemistry provides outstanding protection against wear and water washout, over a wide range of operating temperatures.PURITY FG Synthetic Grease also meets the highest food industry safety standards and fits perfectly in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plans.Petro-Canada Purity FG Synthetic 46 – Superior Performance BenefitsHigher load carrying capability and excellent protection against wearExcellent extreme pressure (EP) and antiwear (AW) performanceProtects gears, bearings and equipment under higher loadsHelps to prevent seizure, scuffing and spallingStrong resistance to lubricant breakdown andwater washout in harsh operating environmentsMaintains consistency and lubrication in the presence of water, food acids, juices and by-productsDoes not run from bearings under steam cleaningHighly resistant to water washout and most sterilizing chemicals used in cleaning

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Weight 19.00000000 kg

208 Litre