PH Cleantec 1000SRK-AS. CNC Machine cleaning



Low Pressure Hot Cleaner for CNC Machine cleaning

1000 SRK-AS

Mobile, compact, without integrated tank.

Allows to suck in fluids from separate tank. Stepless pressure adjustment.

Filter system and de-airing function for suction process.

5m spray hose with spray pistol and 600 mm hand screw  lance. Start-stop operation via spray pistol.

Up to 7.5 bars 95°C. 10KW, 16A.

Ideal for CNC machine cleaning using coolant as wash media  – unit heats to a low pressure vapour through a lance to remove dirt, greases, oils old oil residue build up etc

Using coolant or Ultrakuhl SC system cleaner at 2-3% DEEP CLEANS inside and outside CNC machines with no corrosion of machine parts – sideways, tool holders etc

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Weight 51 kg

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