Q8 Bach NQ Metalworking Oil (Available in 208L)


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Q8 Bach NQ

Versatile neat cutting oil (UK market only)


Q8 Bach NQ is a versatile neat cutting oil formulated with a non-sulphur EP additive package with long chain chlorinated paraffin and a lubricity additive. The Q8 mist-reducing additive package is also incorporated in the formulation.


Q8 BACH NQ is recommended for general machining operations and where a non-sulphurised oil is necessary or preferred. It is designed to give optimum performance in light to medium duty machining operations where excellent surface finish is of prime importance. Operations include turning, milling, drilling, boring, reaming and shaping. Q8 BACH NQ is recommended on all ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The EP additive package provides boundary lubrication at the tool tip chip interface, preventing chip welding as well as reducing tool wear and machine power consumption. The superior colour & transparent properties of Q8 BACH NQ allow the machine operator to observe the work piece through the coolant streams.

Viscosity @ 40degC:  23cSt

Appearance:  Pale straw coloured oil

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