Q8 T65 75W/90 (208L & 1000L)




Q8 T 65 75w90 matches the very latest in additive technology to synthetic base oils to produce a superior SAE 75W-90 multigrade, long life, fuel economy gear lubricant. API GL-5, Volvo 97323 (long drain 400.00 km), ZF TE-ML 05A/07A/12A/17B, Clark Form no ALC-1 5M 7-80 KE (drive axles), TLC-25 3M GAC 8-83 (manual transmissions), Eaton Bulletin 2053 (manual transmissions), Eaton/Fuller Bulletin 2052 (twin countershaft transmissions), Ford ESD-M2C175-A (5 speed gearboxes), Fuller Form 121 (manual gearboxes, R and RT series), General Motors Pt no 19 40 759 (90 188 629), Rockwell O-76-E (hypoid, spiral bevel, planetary gear axles).

Additional information

Weight 208.00000000 kg

1000 Litre

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