Shell Corena S3 R 46 (Available in 20L & 209L)

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Shell Corena S3 R 46 (Formerly Shell Corena S2 R 46)

Premium Screw Compressor Oil

Benefits of the Corena S3 R 46 are:

  • + Reliable protection
  • + Long service life, efficiency

Shell Corena S3 R 46 is a high-performance compressor oil for the lubrication of rotary vane pumps and screw compressors. With the additive system used, Shell Corena S3 R 46 offers excellent protection and very good performance at oil change intervals up to 4000 hours, under certain conditions even up to 6000 hours

Additional information

Weight 20.00000000 kg

20 Litre, 209 Litre