Shell Corena S3 RX 46 (Available in 20L & 209L)

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Shell Corena S3 RX46

Premium Screw Compressor Oil long life oil

Benefits of the Corena S3 RX 46 are:

  • + Reliable protection
  • + Long service life, efficiency

Shell Corena S3 RX 46 is a premium quality synthesized air compressor oil, based on Shell’s advanced Gas-to- Liquids (GTL) base oil technology combined with an advanced performance additive system. It is designed to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors running with oil change intervals of 6,000 hours and up to 8,000 hours under certain conditions.

Features Shell Corena S3 RX 46

+ Long oil life saving on maintenance costs

Shell Corena S3 RX 46 is capable of providing oil change intervals of 6,000 hours (based on OEM’s recommended maintenance interval) even when operating at discharge temperatures in excess of 100 C. This may be extended up to 8,000 hours under certain conditions. The advanced formulation of Shell Corena S3 RX 46 helps to deliver long oil life though:

  • Enhanced resistance to thermal and oxidative chemical breakdown.
  • Resistance to formation of deposits especially on rotating ·components in screw compressors and in sliding vane.
  • Very low levels of deposit formation to help maintain internal surface cleanliness, particularly in oil/air separator and coalescer systems.
  • The exact oil change interval will depend on intake air quality, duty cycle and ambient conditions. For hot and humid type climates, the lower oil drain period of 6,000 hours is recommended (also consult OEM recommendations).
  • For hot and humid climates such as those in Asia or the Pacific, a shortened oil change interval of up to 4,000 operating hours is recommended (see manufacturer’s recommendations).
+ Outstanding wear protection

Shell Corena S3 RX helps provide effective protection of internal metal surfaces from corrosion and wear. It contains an advanced ashless anti-wear system to help prolong the life of critical parts such as bearings and gears.

+ Designed for efficient operation

Shell Corena S3 RX is designed to provide exceptional air release and low foaming tendency to give trouble-free operation even under cycling conditions, helping to ensure reliable start-up and continuous compressed air availability. Shell Corena S3 RX is formulated with Shell’s gas-to-liquids (GTL) base oil technology, resulting in very low volatility and oil carryover to provide low oil top-up requirements in combination with increased air quality. In addition, Shell Corena S3 RX has excellent water separation properties to help ensure continuous efficient operation of the compressor even in the presence of water.

Main application areas

Rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors Shell Corena S3 RX 46 is suitable for use in both oil-flooded/ oil injected rotary compressors and sliding vane compressors.

Specifications, shares, and recommendations

+ ISO 6743-3:2003 L-DAJ

Additional information

Weight 20.00000000 kg

20 Litre, 209 Litre