Shell Morlina S2 B 100 (Available in 20L, 209L)

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Shell Morlina S2 B 100 Previously Morlina 100

Industrial oil for bearing and circulation lubrication

Main applications of Shell Morlina S2 B 100 are :
  • + Industrial circulation systems
  • + General bearing lubrication
  • + Roll-neck bearings
  • + Closed industrial gearboxes

Shell Morlina S2 B 100 are high-quality oils that provide exceptional protection against oxidation and water-separating capacity in most industrial bearings and circulation systems and other industrial applications; le applications where ‘EP’ performance is not required. Shell Morlina S2 B 100 oils meet the requirements of Morgan Construction Company and Danieli for general bearing lubrication.

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Weight 209 kg

20 Litre, 209 Litre