Ultrakühl XMP-LF(HD) CNC coolant




Ultrakuhl XMP-LF(HD)

Ultrakühl XMP-LF (HD) is a Formaldehyde free, water miscible coolant designed to give performance when machining a wide variety of materials, particularly suited to machining aluminium, steels and titanium.

The inclusion of effective surface de-activating additives ensures stain free components even with the most susceptible alloys.

Ultrakühl XMP-LF (HD) is suitable for use with modern high pressure coolant systems and has excellent tramp oil rejecting properties, resulting in cleaner tools, parts, clearer vision into the machine, reduces smoke and mists and reduces drag-out.

Product Headlines

 Hard Water Tolerant
 Superb machine cleanliness
 Low foaming even under high pressure

 Ideal across a wide range of material

Material Compatibility

 Titanium
 Composite Materials
 Aerospace aluminium alloys

 Yellow metal alloys

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Additional information

Weight 205 kg

20 Litre, 205 Litre