Water hardness test strips


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AQUADUR® test-strips for the determination of water hardness.

Clear color changes from green to red ensure an accurate readout. Individually sealed AQUADUR® test strips can perfectly be combined with promotion activities to inform customers about the necessity of water softeners.

Instructions for use are printed on the seal. Due to the clear design with green/red indication, a color chart is not necessary. The hardness of water depends on its content of calcium and magnesium salts.

The total assay of these salts determines the hardness of water. In the USA, it is expressed in terms of ppm (mg/l) CaCO3.

Water is often simply classified as “soft water”, or “hard water” etc. The following values generally apply to these terms:

  • below 50 ppm CaCO3- very soft water
  • 50 – 120 ppm CaCO3- soft water
  • 120 – 240 ppm CaCO3- medium hard water
  • 240 – 360 ppm CaCO3- hard water
  • above 360 ppm CaCO3- very hard water

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