Castrol Variocut G600 HC (Available in 208L)



CASTROL Variocut G 600 HC

High performance neat cutting oil

Appliciation CASTROL Variocut G 600 HC

Variocut G 600 HC is designed for high speed, creep feed grinding, especially gear grinding of ferrous and yellow metals with CBN and carborundum wheels.

Performance, Features & Benefits of CASTROL Variocut G 600 HC are:

  • Low oil mist and foam characteristics, even at high pressures and flow rates, can lead to a reduction in oil consumption and increased production rates
  • Superior additive technology helps to improve cutting and grinding efficiencies, increased tool life, surface finish and can lower overall operating costs
  • Low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics can reduce drag out and helps to reduce product usage
  • Good filtering characteristics and high oxidation stability can increase product lifetime
  • Multi-metal machining using our superior additive technology may provides opportunity for product consolidation
  • Our chlorine and heavy-metal free formulation helps to improve the environmental profile and reduces disposal costs
  • Low odour, light colour and low mist qualities result in high operator acceptability

Product Description CASTROL Variocut G 600 HC

Castrol Variocut™ G 600 HC is a chlorine and heavy-metal free neat cutting oil based on the latest generation of Extreme High Viscosity Index (EHVI) hydrocracked base oils.

Typical Characteristics

Product specifications : CASTROL Variocut G 600 HC
Appearance Visual Pale Yellow
Viscosity @ 40°C mm²/s DIN 51562
ASTM D 445
Flashpoint COC °C/°F ISO 2592
Copper corrosion 3 hr at 100 °C ISO 2160
ASTM D 130
RBOT min ASTM D 2272 185

Additional information

Weight 208 kg

20 Litre, 208 Litre

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