Petro-Canada Compro XL-S 32 205L

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Petro-Canada’s Compro XL-S 32 205L Compressor Fluid is a premium quality lubricant specifically designed to extend fluid service life in rotary screw air compressor applications.Petro-Canada’s Compro XL-S 32 205L is formulated with a blend of 99.9% pure base oils, produced using a patented HT purity process. These crystal clear fluids are free of impurities that can hinder lubricant performance. Utilizing more than 25 years of formulating experience, Petro-Canada fortifies these thermally stable fluids with a unique anti-oxidant technology to maximize resistance to fluid breakdown.With equal or better resistance to thermal and oxidative breakdown versus leading PAO synthetic based fluids, COMPRO provides up to 8,000 hours or one year of continuous worry free service and can significantly reduce compressor operating costs.Features and BenefitsResists oxidative breakdown better than leading synthetic PAO based fluidsBetter resistance to oxidative breakdown caused by exposure to air at high discharge temperaturesKeeps compressor components free of sludge and varnish to ensure trouble free operation and lower maintenance costs on fluid change-outExtends oil change intervals up to 8,000 hours service in rotary screw compressors and 1,000 hours service in rotary vane compressorsReduces oil thickening, which can improve compressor efficiency and lower energy consumption costs

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