Cold Air Nozzle to -25 degC



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The ARIANA-Cold Air Nozzle is used for cooling locations of metal and plastic parts on machine tools and features a double function: it generates both hot and also cold air. The cold air is primarily used at locations where no lubricants and cooling liquids are wanted. The Ariana cold air nozzle is also widely used in laboratories.The ARIANA-Cold Air Nozzle is connected to compressed air supplies or operated with compressed air (3 – 8 bars), respectively. Mode of operation is based on the principle of a vortex tube, in which two opposite rotating air flows will be generated. At the blue component output of the internal flow as usable cold air (up to – 25 °C) takes place; at the red component output of the hot air (up to 100 ° C) takes place. The needle valve allows adjustment of volume flow and portion of cold air.Accessories for the Ariana cold air nozzle include the flexible ARIANA-Cool-Line-System and also a magnet plate, ball cock, grommet for quick coupling and also a sound absorber.Glossary:Drucklufteintritt – Compressed air inletRegelventil – Control valveKaltluftaustritt – Cold air outletHeißluftaustritt – Hot air outletbis 100° C – up to 100° CWirbelzeugungsraum Vortex – generator chamberMagnethalter – Magnet holder

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