Magnetic swarf collector



Magnetic Sweeper with protection shield Application and operation:To collect and remove chips and small parts from difficult to access places. The integrated permanent magnet of the sweeper attracts all magnetic materials. By pulling out the handle of the permanent magnet, the chips fall off and can easily be stripped into the collecting box. The protective shield at the end of the handle avoids possible injury. This is a powerfull tool not like other cheaper versions – it can hold nearly 20Kg of swarf !universal and mobile use at hardly accessible placessafe and clean working environmentreduced risk of injury from sharp edged chips due to the protection shieldautomatic separation of materialsSpecificationslong durability due to stainless steel housing and powerful permanent magnetsadjustable rod lengthconvenient dimensions: 360-675 mm length, 25 mm diameterlightweight: 554 gHolding capacity: 19,3 kg

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Weight 2.00000000 kg