Coolant mixer



LUBRIMIX CMX – coolant mixer

Introducing the world’s most advanced Coolant Mixers that are virtually maintenance free, highly accurate and provide easy & fast adjustment. Coolant / Liquid Mixers are widely used in Industry for mixing liquid coolant concentrate with water for supply to machines. These also find applications in workshops & garages for mixing water with detergents, antifreeze etc. Traditionally, the Coolant Mixers are designed either with a Needle Valve or using a set of mixing jets. Both these designs have several flaws such as cumbersome & time consuming adjustment, too many parts, prone to blockage, high chance of loosing the mixing jets which need to be stored separately etc.


                        •         Lightweight Aluminium body

                        •         Capacity 1100 Litres per hour

                        •         Adjustable concentration 0-9% 

                        •         Driven by pressure from water supply

                        •         Includes full flow Brass Ball valve & also fitted with 2 back flow preventers

                        •         Adjustment of mixing ratio is variable & controlled through a simple turn of the knob

                        •         Inbuilt Suction Tube & 2” bung that fits directly onto 55 gal (205 litre) Coolant Drums


                        COMPONENT MATERIALS 

                        Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Acetal, PVC, Nitrile Rubber 


                        RECOMMENDED USE

                         Metal Working Fluids, Select Chemicals, Wind Screen Fluids, Antifreeze, Detergents / Soap Solutions



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Weight 3.00000000 kg