Power Vac Pump


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The ARIANA Power Vac Pump is a dual-acting suction and pressure pump that uses compressed air. It is mainly used for filling and emptying lubricant and coolant tanks. The pump was designed for fast and trouble-free installation at standard barrels. It is screwed into the bunghole of the barrel and connected to the compressed air supply. A feed hose is attached at the other barrel opening.The Power Vac Pump requires compressed air at approx. 8 bar. This makes it possible to fill or empty at approx. 60 l/min. An automatic closing valve serves as an inlet/outlet control and thus prevents overflows.The Power Vac Pump generates a vacuum in the tank, as a result of which it is possible to suction used coolants, mud, metal residues, etc. out of machine tanks as well as excess liquids out of chemical tanks.By simply turning a knob, the operator can reverse the function and generate overpressure in the tank, as a result of which it is possible to pump lubricants and coolants as well as liquid chemicals into the machine. The Power Vac Pump can also be used in explosion-protected areas.The following accessories are included with the Power Vac Pump:Ascending pipeThreaded barrel connector 2”Fast-action connectorFeed hose 3 m.Suction pipe

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