LUBRIMIX 3000 Coolant mixing/distribution system up to 3000L/hour





CNC Coolant mixing system for CNC machine shops

Mix concentrations accurately and fill containers at 3000 L/min !

Why not feed into a supply pipe down the machine shop and save time, spills and money ?.

Free standing including bund platform for barrel or a wall mounted version – select as required. MVA mixers are used where the same emulsion is required using different machines. The emulsion is pumped without spillage to individual consumers.

Distances of 400 m and delivery heads of 30 m are possible.

Design features:

These mixers are suitable for direct connection to drinking water pipes according to DIN EN 1717. The backflow preventer type AA is suitable for industrial metalworking coolants. The specified backflow preventer is included in the scope of supply. The system is a single unit consisting of a wall bracket or a free standing approved collecting tank with stand and stainless steel water and emulsion tanks. The pressureless preliminary tank is divided into two chambers by a bulkhead partition. One chamber (level controlled via valve) is for water, the other chamber (level controlled via float switch) is for the mixture. Mounted next to the chambers are two pressure pumps; one pump is used as a motive water pump for the mixer, the other as a complete pressure pump unit with Idromat for supplying the individual machines with the mixed coolant.

An electrical switchbox contains all auxiliary and control devices, e.g. concentrate deficiency sensor and dry running protection for the pump for automatic operation of the system.

Capacity: 3000 l/hWater pipe G 3/4″

Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz,1 kW

Additional information

Weight 1000.00000000 kg