LUBRICUT XP10 Semi synthetic High Performance Neat cutting oil





XP10 cutting fluid has been formulated using a blend of highly refined low viscosity mineral oil and advanced synthetic ester technology.

This, semi-synthetic combination with over 20% synthetic ester and specialised EP additives, enables LUBRICUT XP10 to achieve an extremely high cutting performance with a low viscosity.Lubricut XP10 is totally chlorine free, which is an important feature when considering disposal or recycling. The high levels of controlled release additives provide superior surface finish, extended tool life and low chip welding tendencies.

LubricutXP10 also contains special anti-mist additives for improved visibility of the work piece, and to help provide an improved working environment.Lubricut XP10 is suitable for heavy duty machining, milling, tapping, turning, deep hole drilling and automatic/CNC machining of tough ferrous and stainless materials. Lubricut XP10 is also suitable for machining of copper and brass.

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  • Very high performance
  • High flashpoint – lower risk of fires
  • Multimetal compatible
  • Enhanced tool life
  • Low misting and fuming
  • Semi – synthetic
  • Reduced consumption

Additional information

Weight 20.00000000 kg

1000 Litre, 20 Litre, 205 Litre