LUBRIVAC 150 with Accessory Kit for swarf and oil




Swarf and oil vacuum with independent discharge pump
  • Powerful industrial vacuum/filtration system for liquids and swarf
  • Outlet pump for liquid discharge (180L/min)
  • Integrated sieve grid basket for solid / liquid separation
  • Optional PPL filter for oil/coolant filtration
  • Float device automatically prevents overfilling when tank is full
  • Tangential suction inlet with integrated cyclone
  • 3 powerful single-phase motors


  • Suction from machine tools of oils and coolants mixed with metal chips or other    solid material 
  • Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid
  • Reduced stand-by time of machine tools
  • Saving by recovering and using several times the same oil and coolant
  • Capability to suck up and pump out simultaneously


Mobile, compact and powerful, the LUBRIVAC 150 is the ideal machine to suck up

liquid (oil or coolant) mixed with metal chips, separate the oil from the chips and recover the oil. The swarf and fines are contained and the fluid can be pumped out via the separate outlet pump either in batches or continuously. This feature enables the operator to ‘wash down’ to remove swarf and debris inside the CNC machine whilst continually sucking up the coolant, filtering it and discharging for more wash down !

The suction is provided by three by-pass 2 stage motors, placed inside a sturdy steel casing and providing high depression (max 280 mbar) and operated by independent switches. A vacuum indicator is installed in order to detect possible clogging or restricted suction; the motor head is protected from liquid and solid material through a nylon filter and a floating device, automatically stopping the suction when the liquid fills up the container.

A metal sieve basket (40 litres capacity) withholds the solid material (chips and metal parts), while the clean fluid goes into the lower container (capacity 150 litres). Also comes with a removable  polypropylene filter (efficiency 300 or 100 micron) enables a further and finer filtration of the liquid. This makes it ideal for coolant recycling 

It is then possible to simultaneously pump the fluid out rapidly, via a powerful electric pump (300 litres per minute), through a 2M long discharge oil proof hose fitted with a valve to control or stop the flow as required.

The collection tank is made of polyester coated steel, and has a slanted shape in order to secure complete disposal of the liquid inside; a built-in tray and handle on the external body provides storage for tools and hoses when not being used.

The unit is mounted on a solid steel trolley, equipped with braking and turning wheels 


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Weight 249.00000000 kg