Lubrivac 100X swarf and oil vacuum




Industrial vacuum for swarf and coolant maintenance

  • Industrial vacuum for liquids and swarf
  • Integrated sieve grid basket for solid / liquid separation
  • Filter mesh for fluid filtration 300 micron
  • Powerful single-phase motors

Suction unit

The suction is produced by two single-phase by-pass motors with carbon-brushes. These  motors are protected inside a steel casing containing sound absorbing material which  minimizes noise during service. The control panel located on the motor head houses two  independent motor switches, an indicator lamp for filter clogging and maximum level  warning, as well as the pump switch. Two handles located on the motor head allow to lift  the section with ease to proceed with inspection or emptying of the chip containment  basket.

Filtering System

There are two filters inside the steel chamber: a fibre filter to protect the motor and a 100 micron PPL filter, designed to resist the most difficult oils. The suction system has an inlet dia 50mm, positioned below the filter and allows simultaneous vacuuming of solids and  liquids (oils, lubricants, emulsions, metal chips, metal grains etc.).

Collection Unit

The vacuumed material is separated instantly: metal chips are collected in an easily  extractable galvanized sieve grid which allows rapid disposal of its content. The finer shavings are retained by a second structure holding the PPL 300 micron filter, thus further purifying the oil/emulsion. The oil passes through and drops, perfectly filtered, into the container.

This vacuum unit is standard equipped with a manual drain valve. The container is equipped with an electronic floating device to stops suction when maximum level is reached.

This vacuum cleaner is produced in sturdy steel and equipped with non-marking wheels with brakes.


Additional information

Weight 200 kg

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