Lubrivac 130XP swarf and oil vacuum with pump system


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Heavy duty 130L liquid capacity with 30L swarf/solids basket

  • Powerful industrial vacuum for liquids and swarf
  • Separate outlet pump for liquid discharge
  • Integrated sieve basket for solid / liquid separation
  • 2nd stage fluid filtration 300 micron
  • Detachable container for easy disposal operations
  • Powerful single-phase motors
  • Automatic level stop

The LUBRIVAC 130XP is a robust single phase industrial vacuum that can vacuum and separate fluids from swarf debris.

The LUBRIVAC 130XP has a separate discharge pump which can also be used simultaneously whilst vacuuming. Fitted with: stainless swarf/solids basket, Removable second stage filtration basket for a filtration of 300 micron that allows fluids (oil, emulsions) to remain in the lower part of the collecting tank, electrical level indicator that immediately stops the unit as the maximum liquid level of 130 liters is reached in the container.

The LUBRIVAC 130XP includes as standard a range of accessories including: flexible hose, conical lance, scraping nozzle and discharging valve for fluid filling/discharging. The Lubrivac 130XP gives significant benefits in reducing oil, coolant consumption and associated costs.

APPLICATIONS- Suction from machine tools of oils and coolants mixed with metal chips or other solid material- Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid.


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