Alfa Laval EMMIE 2 for oil cleaning, hydraulic, compressor etc

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The EMMIE 2 is a high speed mobile centrifuge for cleaning and removing water from neat oils – hydraulic, compressor, fuels, metalworking etc

Water or particles in oil causes most hydraulic system breakdowns – the EMMIE 2 centrifuge will remove this contaminants efficiently. Alfa Laval’s upgraded, compact mobile separator unit Emmie.2 for industrial use cleans a range of commonly used oils, including hydraulic oils and lube oils in a single easy operation. The separator removes 99% of particles in the 2-5 micron range while it also can remove virtually all free water, even at high initial water contents. The result is more production uptime as well as reduced wear and corrosion on the equipment serviced, the process is so efficient that the service life of the oil can be prolonged many, many times.Emmie is designed for “plug and go” operation. The unit is plugged in to a single-phase power source, the hoses are connected to the oil tank and the unit is ready for operation. Choose the viscosity of the oil to bee cleaned and press the start button. Dirty oil is pumped from the tank, cleaned and then recirculated. The module can be easily wheeled around between oil tanks, to serve many different oil tanks. The system incorporates a screw pump, a PLC control and a built in electric heater, which heats the oil to reach optimum viscosity prior to purifying. For viscosities of more than 46 cSt it is recommended that the EMMIE 2 with integrated heater is used.For specialist applications involving hazardous fluids e.g. ammonia containg please contact us for full stainless steel component options.


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