Mobil SHC 634 (Available in 20L & 208L)




Mobil SHC 634

Mobil Industrial

Exceptional Performance Gear and Bearing Oils

Most important applications of Mobil SHC 634 are:

  • + Filled for life gearboxes, especially high ratio/ low-efficiency worm gears
  • + Remotely located gearboxes, where oil change-out is difficult
  • + Low temperature applications, such as ski lifts where seasonal oil changes can be avoided
  • + Mixer roll bearings and roll neck bearings where high temperatures are encountered
  • + Plastic calenders
  • + Severe centrifuge applications, including marine centrifuges
  • + Railroad A/C Traction Drives
  • + Mobil SHC 634 is approved by Siemens AG for use in Flender gearboxes

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With the Mobil SHC 600 Series using the latest cutting edge technology, it?s no wonder that it?s the product of choice for so many operators using a wide variety of equipment worldwide. Products within it are known as problem solvers for higher temperatures, and can be used with many different applications because of the benefits they provide, so make Lubrishop your choice for acquiring them.

Features and Benefits of Mobil SHC 634 explained

  • Superb high temperature thermal/oxidation resistance
  • High Viscosity Index and absence of wax
  • Low traction coefficient
  • High load carrying capability
  • Balanced additive combination


Mobil SHC™ 634 lubricants are exceptional performance gear and bearing oils designed to provide outstanding service in terms of equipment protection, oil life and problem-free operation helping to enable increased customer productivity. These scientifically engineered oils are formulated using the latest proprietary and patent pending Mobil SHC technology to provide outstanding and balanced performance in demanding applications at high and low temperatures. Mobil SHC 634 products feature excellent low temperature properties, as well as improved air release performance in the lower viscosity grades. These products are resistant to mechanical shear, even in heavily loaded gear and high shear bearing applications, so that there is virtually no loss of viscosity.

Mobil SHC 634 products have low traction coefficients relative to mineral oils which derive from the molecular structure of the base stocks used. This results in low fluid friction in the load zone of non-conforming surfaces such as gears and rolling contact bearings. Low fluid friction produces lower operating temperatures and improved gear efficiency, which translates into reduced power consumption. Mobil SHC 634 products have demonstrated up to 3.6% improvement in energy efficiency in controlled laboratory testing(*).

Mobil SHC 634 formulation also provides excellent resistance to oxidation and deposit formation at elevated temperatures, as well as exceptional resistance to rusting and corrosion, antiwear, demulsibility, foam control and air release properties, and multi-metal compatibility. Mobil SHC 634 oils maintain good compatibility with seals and other materials used in equipment normally lubricated with mineral oils. Mobil SHC 634 lubricants are suitable for use in a wide range of equipment, not only as high temperature problem solvers, but also because of the other benefits they offer.


Mobil SHC 634 should be stored under cover in clean, dry conditions and protected from frost. Recommended storage temperature is between 5C and 35C. Use stock in delivery rotation. A shelf life of twenty four months can be anticipated.

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20 Litre, 208 Litre