Petro-Canada Precision Synthetic Heavy (Available in 30x400g, 17kg, 54kg & 175kg)

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Petro-Canada Precision Synthetic Heavy – For wider temperature applications including effective cold-weather protection. Delivers high performance in wide operating conditions for enhanced protection and savings Combines cold-weather performance without compromising high-temperature lubrication. For use in on-highway automotive equipment, and off-highway vehicles in construction, farming, forestry and mining.Petro-Canada Precision Synthetic Heavy – Synthetic Heavy is designed primarily for the lubrication for dryer felt-roll bearings in paper machines where an extended life at high temperatures is required and frequent grease replenishment is not possible. Operating range is -30°C to 170°C (-22°F to 338°F)

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Weight 1.20000000 kg

17 KG, 175 KG, 54 KG