Petro-Canada Traxon 85w/140 Gear Oil (Available in 20L, 60L & 205L)




Petro-Canada Traxon 85w/140 Gear Oil is a premium multi-grade gear oil formulated for use in extreme high temperature operating conditions, where a GL-5 SAE 140 oil is called for, to provide excellent long-lasting wear protection to extend equipment life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.Petro-Canada Traxon 85w/140 Gear Oil provides excellent year-round performance, particularly for colder weather conditions, for superior lubrication of gear drives found in manual transmissions and rear axles.Petro-Canada Traxon 85w/140 Gear Oil starts with the patented HT purity process to produce a 99.9% pure, crystal clear base oil. By removing the impurities that can hinder the performance of competitive conventional oils, and blending in specialty additives, TRAXON gear oil delivers maximum performance.Features and BenefitsExcellent wear protectionExcellent shear stability and anti-wear EP additives protects equipment in tough, igh-load, extreme high operating conditions for extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costsShear stability ensures retention of viscosity which protects equipment components against metal-to-metal contact and wear, especially in high temperaturesAnti-wear additives provide superior protection against gear tooth spalling (where flakes of metal break away from the surface of a gear tooth after repeated stress)

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Weight 20.00000000 kg

205 Litre, 60 Litre