Q8 Auto 15 ED (Available in 20L & 208L)




Q8 AUTO 15 ED – Automatic Transmission FluidQ8 Auto 15 ED is a high quality product containing anti-oxidant, anti-wear and defoamant additives in solvent refined paraffinic base oils, and formulated to meet the requirements of General Motors Dexron ® III G-34052 (automatic transmissions), ATF type IIE and Ford Mercon ® M 931004 specifications. Additionally Q8 Auto 15 may be used whenever one or more of the following specifications describe the required transmission fluid quality:Allison C-4, C4-18741793 (automatic transmissions)Mercedes Benz 236.1, 236.5MAN 339 type FVoith DIWA (list G 607) automatic transmissionsZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 04D, 11B, 14A, 17CApplications:Q8 Auto 15 ED is recommended for use in the automatic transmissions and power- steering systems of passenger cars, trucks and buses where Dexron IIE and III approved products are acceptable. It is also suitable for use in Mercedes-Benz passenger car manual gearboxes and in powershift transmissions. Q8 Auto 15 must not be used in automotive transmissions where Ford WSP-M2X33F or G fluids are specified unless the transmission builder expressly permits it say, for top-up purposes.Properties and Features:Well defined, stable, frictional characteristicsSatisfactory seal material compatibilityExcellent oxidation stabilityExcellent low temperature fluidity and withstands high operating temperaturesProtects against wear, rust and corrosionPrevents the formation of foamBenefits:Transmission life extended by wear protectionTrouble free operation with smooth gear changingPermits rationalisation, reducing product storage and handling costs and eliminates wrong ATF choiceProvides smooth power-steering operationImmediate circulation in cold weather

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