Q8 Ravel D (Available in 20L & 208L) formerly RAVEL LG




Q8 Ravel D – Q8 Ravel D is a water displacement fluid that deposit sa rust preventing soft waxy film onto treated surfaces. It is a very effective anti rust treatments for all wet parts, damp conditions and has been made easy to apply by the addition of a solvent to the formulation. The formulation also includes powerful rust and corrosion inhibitors and film strength improvers. As used from the drum, these products have low surface tension, viscosity and a strong attraction to metal surfaces. They therefore spread rapidly to displace all water and completely cover all complex shapes inside blind holes and even penetrate porous components. After the solvent has evaporated, a protective soft waxy film remains clinging to the surfaces protecting them from further water and rust. The protective film is self healing in the event of scratches or scrapes.

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Weight 208 kg

208 Litre