Shell Morlina S1 B 150 209L




Shell Morlina S1 B 150 – Shell Morlina Oils 5, 10, 22, 32, 46, 68 are high viscosity-index, solvent refined mineral oils blended with zinc free anti-wear and other additives to provide extended performance in circulatory systems or certain hydraulic systems.Machine circulation systemsOil lubricated plain and rolling element bearingsHigh speed spindles (ISO grades 5 and 10 only)Some industrial hydraulic transmission and control systems containing steel-on-bronze and silver lubrication surfacesCertain low loaded enclosed gearsLow pour point – The low pour point of the lighter oils in the Morlina range may be used to advantage in certain low temperature industrial applicationsAir release and anti-foam properties Careful use of additives ensure quick air release without excessive foamingGood anti wear performanceExcellent oxidation resistanceCorrosion protectionShell Morlina S1 B 150 – The isopropylated phenyl phosphate additive provides efficient anti-wear performance without reacting to the softer metals used in the manufacture of certain pumps, such as steel-on- bronze and silver plate. The high resistance to oxidation, caused by heat in the presence of air, water and metal catalysts, such as copper, prolongs oil life.Shell Morlina S1 B 150 – Carefully selected additives enhance the oil’s natural corrosion protective properties.

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Weight 209.00000000 kg