Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 (Available in 20L, 209L & 1000L)

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Shell Tellus S2 MX 32

The Shell Tellus S2 MX series is a range of hydraulic lubricants made by one of the world’s leading oil product manufacturers. Shell has used its vast experience and expertise to create fluids that offer a high level of performance in use with hydraulic systems. The oils also help to protect machinery and equipment from damage caused by wear and tear.

Even at exceedingly high temperatures or under extreme stress, these products are resistant to breakdown. Therefore they help to prevent the sort of deposit build-up that can lead to lower levels of hydraulic system efficiency.

Benefits of Shell Tellus S2 MX 32

This product possesses a range of benefits that has led to its position as one of the market leaders in hydraulic lubricants, which include the following:

Protracted product life

The Shell Tellus S2 MX range boasts a longer life than many of its counterparts. This enhanced lifespan can lead to cost savings as well as lower and less frequent maintenance downtime. As this oil has higher levels of resistance to chemical or thermal breakdown, there is less sludge formation and build-up. It performs very well in Turbine Oil Stability Tests (TOST) and helps to maintain system cleanliness.

System preservation

Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 features an enhanced level of wear protection. The formula is zinc-based, and contains anti-wear additives that have demonstrated effectiveness throughout the entire operational process, even where low-load or very heavy duty conditions exist.

As well as a very good performance in TOST testing, this oil has been proven to offer outstanding performance during vane pump and piston testing. The Denison T6C test is one example that assesses performance in wet or dry conditions, and results show that Tellus S2 MX products can extend the life of components as well as ensuring they perform to the highest standards.

Maintaining system efficacy

The whole Shell Tellus range of lubricants can be relied upon to maintaining system efficiency. Their ingredients are designed to provide high performance in terms of antifoam, water separation and air release. This all adds up to a cleaner, more filterable and effective hydraulics system.

The beneficial effect on contaminants on the filters typically found in hydraulics machinery results in an extended filter lifespan, and also enables finer filtration techniques to be used.

Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 is specifically formulated to reduce excessive foaming while ensuring faster air release. This facilitates the most smooth and efficient hydraulic power transfer process that can be achieved. These products thus minimise the fluid impact of cavitation and oxidation that can result in a shorter lubricant lifespan.

Principal applications

Shell’s Tellus S2 MX range is the ideal lubricant for the following three applications.

Mechanical hydraulics

The Shell Tellus S2 MX lubricants are approved by oil industry experts for use during an extensive range of hydraulic power applications, such as those found in various industrial or manufacturing processes.

Mobile hydraulic power systems

These oils are highly effective when used in several different mobile hydraulic power systems; key examples include excavators and cranes. For applications that involve significant temperature variations, Shell recommend their Tellus S2 VX product range as the best alternative.

Marine hydraulics

As well as with mechanical and mobile hydraulics, Shell’s Tellus S2 MX range is well suited for use in marine applications, including those where ISO HM category hydraulic lubricants have been recommended.

What is the Tellus S2 MX range of lubricants compatible with?

The range of lubricants can be effectively used with most hydraulic pumps. It is however best practice to check with the supplier and manufacturer of your machinery before using these lubricants with pumps that could contain components which are silver plated, to ensure the avoidance of damage.

Shell Tellus S2 MX 32 is compatible with the majority of other hydraulic fluids that are mineral oil-based. It is however not advisable to mix these hydraulic lubricants with other types of fluid, in the interests of safety.

This range of oils is fully compatible with paints as well as seal materials, such as those usually recommended for use with mineral-based formulas.

Concerning health and safety

Like other lubricant manufacturers, Shell have issued health and safety warnings. While these oils are very unlikely to cause significant health and safety concerns if used correctly and as directed, it is certainly best practice to avoid skin contact when using any of these products.

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