Alfa Laval Alfie 500 for Coolant cleaning, Tramp oil and particle removal

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The ALFIE 500 Hi-speed mobile centrifuge for cleaning metalworking coolants is very different from other coolant recycling devices. It removes particles from the coolant down to 1 micron (these are the particles that cause poor tool life and surface finish) and also tramp oil. It does this by centrifuging the fluid at very high speed. It can be used while the machine is in operation with no interuption. The Alfie 500 provides many benefits.

• It uses high speed centripetal force to remove tramp oils, grease and solids such as metal fines from cutting fluids and coolants; in other words all of the contaminants that cause dermatitis, eczema and other illnesses.

• Capable of handling 500 litres of fluid per hour and systems from 100 Litres to 5000 Litres it separates out not only solids down to 1 micron in size but tramp oils too.

• All of the key operations are controlled and monitored via a PLC-based system, with instructions and data presented in clear, simple-to-follow text message form.

• Alfie 500 is a completely self-contained, mobile unit which, once wheeled alongside a coolant/cutting fluid tank and plugged in, starts working immediately.

• The Alfie system removes more impurities more efficiently than any other system.

• By removing the majority of contaminants, it not only reduces the risk of skin or chest complaints but also dramatically extends the life of the fluid.

• This significantly reduces the need for new oil, lightens the environmental load and slashes disposal costs into the bargain.

By using an ALFIE 500 you could be:

• Reducing coolant consumption by 50%

• Increasing tool life substantially

• Improving surface finish and tolerances

• Almost eliminate waste coolant completely

• Manufacturing cleaner parts – easier to measure, easier to wash

• Reducing downtime

• Improving the working environment – cleaner machines, no odours, lower maintenance.

• Extending Filter and Pump life

Reduces tramp oil down to 0.5% and most metal particles down to 1 micron – this is not your conventional tramp oil remover or filter !

Lubriserv Alfie 500 high-speed centrifugal separator from Alfa Laval effectively removes contaminants, such as tramp oil and metal fines, from metalworking coolants. Designed for small and medium-sized workshops, the Alfie 500 outperforms conventional methods, cleaning more effectively than skimmers, filters and settling tanks. Cleaner coolant delivers tangible benefits to the metalworking industry in the form of reduced costs, better product quality, less downtime and a healthier, odor-free work environment.

Longer coolant life

Thanks to high-speed separation technology made simple and affordable, the Alfie 500 prolongs coolant lifetime by between three and five times. This reduces coolant disposal costs. It also lowers the costs associated with production stops to buy and replace coolant and to clean tanks since the separator can operate during production and when the equipment is idle. These cost-savings make investment in this separator a wise choice and one that, in most cases, pays for itself in less than a year.

Better product quality

Clean coolant contributes directly to overall product quality. The Alfie 500 keeps coolant clean by using just a single step to remove tramp oil and most metal particles down to 1 micron. This significantly reduces tool wear, results in fewer rejects and dramatically improves product quality. Since these contaminants no longer adhere to tool and component surfaces, processing precision is maintained and clean up simplified.

Healthier work environment

What’s more, using the Alfie 500 coolant cleaner eliminates the unpleasant odors that can result when hydrogen sulfide gas forms from anaerobic bacteria that grows on the tramp oil in the tanks. The separator draws the tramp oil off the coolant and pumps it into a collection tank. This minimises the risk that machine operators develop allergies or skin problems from contact with the oils.

Ready to go

The Alfie 500 has got large wheels, so it will travel—even across uneven workshop floors. Its compact design occupies about a half square meter of floor space, making it easy to move through tight spaces to any location, including hard-to-access sumps. This versatility enables you to service just one tank, or several. The system handles coolant volumes of up to 15 m3 (7,500 gallons)—no small feat for a compact separator.

Clearly controllable

Alfie 500 high-speed separator comes with an added benefit: it requires no supervision whatsoever. In fact, it is so easy to operate that it practically runs itself. Just plug it in, connect the hoses at the machine’s bypass flow and press the start button. A PLC-based control system conveniently displays all functions on a control panel using easy-to-read symbols and clear text.

Truly the most effective cleaning method

High-speed centrifugal separation is the most effective way to clean all types of process fluids. Using the force of gravity to separate contaminated fluids in a settling tank is both time-consuming and largely ineffective. Heavy particles slowly settle to the tank bottom, while the lighter fluids rise to the top—and in between there’s a mixture that remains unseparated.


In contrast, an Alfie 500 centrifugal separator generally applies a force that is 5,000 times greater than the force of gravity to the process fluid to increase separation efficiency. The disc stack further enhances separation efficiency by providing a larger surface to which particles can adhere and directing lighter particles toward the bowl periphery. This makes centrifugal separation truly the most robust and efficient cleaning method for cleaning process fluids.

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